Yale First Nation Government

About Us

Community Description

We are an independent First Nation located at Yale, British Columbia We have 13 Staff members and a 3-person Council who, collectively, are responsible for Community Health, Band Support, Housing, Finance, Social Development, Treaty, Economic Development, Education, Fisheries, Maintenance and Natural Resources.

Yale First Nation is party to a Strategic Engagement Agreement with the Provincial Government.

Connect with Us

Position & Name Phone Email
Office Administrator, Elsie Kipp (604) 869-0013 Ext. 124 admin@yalefirstnation.ca
Receptionist, Marilyn Jack (604) 869-0013 reception@yalefirstnation.ca
Housing Manager, Crystal Sedore (604) 869-0013 Ext. 127 housing@yalefirstnation.ca
Housing Assistant, Austin Heino (604) 869-0013 Ext. 136 housingintern@yalefirstnation.ca
Education Coordinator, Pedro Moreno (604) 869-0013 Ext. 128
Fisheries Manager, Dominic Hope (604) 869-0013 Ext. 135 fisheries@yalefirstnation.ca
Natural Resources Manager, Steven Patterson (604) 869-0013 Ext. 131 spatterson@yalefirstnation.ca
Health Director, Laureen Duerksen (604) 869-0013 Ext. 126 health@yalefirstnation.ca
Wellness Worker, Rhonda George (604) 869-0013 Ext. 129 wellnessworker@yalefirstnation.ca

Position & Name Phone Email
Chief Ken Hansen khansen@yalefirstnation.ca
Councillor Pedro Moreno pmoreno@yalefirstnation.ca
Councillor Dominic Hope dhope@yalefirstnation.ca